Our Motivation

By many institutions, the concern about our unborn children will probably be confronted with water scarcity, hunger, air/water pollution, biodiversity loss, new types of health problems, hazardous chemicals etc. is raised. We believe that we cannot overcome this situation if we do not take any action today.
Nourishing the growing population in a sustainable way requires significant improvements for the global food system. Based on the fact that "Engage Today to Shape Tomorrow" we feel responsible for taking actions and developing solutions.

How will the world be in 2030?




Increased number of people affected by water scarcity

  • Increase in Total Energy Consumption 29%
  • Increase in Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions 52%

In total, food and biofuel production will require a 10% increase in agricultural land worldwide.


Global greenhouse gas emissions will grow by 37% in 2030.

Source : OECD
As one of the leading producers of sunflower oil in our country, we supply the sunflower seeds used in oil production directly from our farmers. Sunar Group, which has been producing food for more than 40 years, contributes to the overall development by leading Sustainable Sunflower Farming practices in our country.

By educating our farmers in Aladağ where we have the opportunity to implement our practices besides Karaisalı; we ensured less fertilizer usage.


On the other hand, with social responsibility projects in the region, we supported social life activities.

As SUNAR; We believe that our reason for being is soil and our farmers. By contributing them, we know that the future will be even better.